If mobility is restricted e.g. caused by illness, the natural aging process or unhealthy lifestyle, the metabolic process slows down. The body reduces muscle and bone mass.


Marodyne LiV areas of application

  • Osteoporosis – bones become porous or brittle, usually due to hormonal changes or age
  • Osteopenia – bone density is lower than normal
  • Postural stability – improves balance and coordination, fall stability, prophylaxis for elderly people
  • Rehabilitation (after surgery)
  • Lack of movement to the structure of the basic musculature
  • Sarcopenia – age-related loss of skeletal muscle and strength
  • Promotion of blood circulation

It can also be used for other metabolic and degenerative diseases such as arthrosis and Parkinson‘s disease to prevent osteoporosis as a result.

How can the same impulse be effective against so many diseases?

Our research is based on how cells respond to low-intensity vibration. While a 0.4 g acceleration does not feel like much to an individual, it is a strong signal to an individual cell. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in adults are found in the bone marrow: these special cells are able to form into various different cell types, including bone cells (osteoblasts), fat cells (adipocytes), collagen cells (fibroblasts), cartilage cells (chondrocytes), and muscle cells (myocytes). Studies show the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells has increased signifi cantly in recent years. As low intensity vibration signals activate the MSCs, its therapeutic benefi t is greatly enhanced due to the potential of these cells.

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